See the obesity rates in your neighborhood with this map

2015-09-16 at 2.00 PM

A research institute has compiled obesity data on the neighborhood level and built a map that allows you to see how they compare.

RTI International’s map was built using data from sources like the CDC and the U.S. Census. You can read about RTI’s methodology here.

The obesity data we’ve seen so far have been mostly on the state level. Most recently, Maine was ranked the 14th least fat state in the nation, based on a Gallup report — though more than a quarter of the state is obese.

I’ve embedded the map below, but you can see a larger version here. Click “location” and then “enable device location” to see how the area around you rates. Blue indicates the lowest rate of obesity and red the highest.

Here’s a video explaining a little about the project:

Featured homepage image by Eric Thayer | Reuters

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