The most photographed places in Maine, according to this photo site

This heat map by Sightsmap shows the density of photos by region — in other words, it shows where people take the most photos.

It’s based on geotagged shots uploaded by users of Panoramio, a Google-owned site where people share photos by location. The search giant uses some of these photos for Google Maps.

It’s not clear how many users the service has, but CNET said it had 80 million photos. The service was on the chopping block last year, but Google earlier this year opted to keep it alive.

The yellow areas are the places where the most photos are taken. The dark areas are the least.

At first glance, the most popular places make sense — Acadia National Park, Fort Williams, and so on. But the cool thing is that the further you zoom in, the more you can see about what places are most popular.

Dan MacLeod

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