Find out which of Obama’s programs are being used in Maine through this open source map

President Barack Obama on Wednesday released an open-source map that aims to track what the White House is doing for its constituents at the local level.

As tech magazine Wired reported, the “new tool” is “meant to help anyone visualize government work across the country.” Developed with the help of 15 federal agencies, the map outlines in different colors which of the administration’s community-based initiatives are being put into play where.

The map can also be sorted to show areas of persistent poverty and where Harvard University research indicates there’s promise of upward economic mobility.

In Maine, the map uses green arrows to point out where federal TIGER — Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery — grants have been awarded, and it uses red outlines to indicate that the Northern Maine Development Commission and Greater Portland Council of Governments are using the administration’s Sustainable Communities Regional Planning program, for instance.

Other administration community-based initiatives being utilized in different places in Maine include:

  • Make It In America, a program promoting bio-based materials manufacturing
  • Investing in Manufacturing Communities
  • Mayor’s Challenge to End Veterans’ Homelessness
  • My Brother’s Keeper, a program focused on connecting young people with mentorship and college or career networking opportunities
  • Promise Neighborhoods, a school improvement grant program

Click here to use the full interactive map, zero in on Maine and see which White House initiatives are being implemented where.

President Barack Obama (Reuters photo)

President Barack Obama (Reuters photo)