See exactly how much of Maine is completely uninhabited

If you didn’t know already, the Maine Office of GIS is a gold mine of digital information about the state.

One of its latest projects was mapping every single address in the state, in order to help first responders have accurate information for responding to emergency calls.

But aside from that higher calling, the data can also show us the most highly populated streets by state or town. Use the search bar below to find your city and hover to see each street, sized by the number of unique addresses at each.

(Bubbles for each street are the average of the coordinates for all the addresses along that street.)

The data has plenty of other uses, too — like merging it with maps of advertised broadband speeds to get a better sense of the streets where the most people are dealing with the slowest speeds.

I’ve not collided those two relatively large data sets yet, but someday. But here’s a bonus map for this post — showing you those broadband speeds by street.

Darren Fishell

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